August 27, 2015

At 30, making the choice to leave my career, friends, and location in order to return “home” and do the work it would take to live my best life and stop suffering has been the toughest job of my life. It has also been the most rewarding and fundamentally joyful experience of my life. Next to my family, I thank and honor Sonny Rose as my number one guide and teacher in this process. In my very first conversation with Sonny, I connected with her genuine desire and intention to commit fully to supporting me as I dove into the process of finding my authentic self. Sonny’s patience, warmth, sincere joy, and loyalty to me have never waned in the years since I have been working with her. She allows me to bring whatever ugliness, despair, and fear I own to our forum and she helps me transform through these lesser beliefs by way of her incredible and unique tools and strategies. I am grateful to continue to grow in Sonny’s spiritual support and light. Anyone wishing to move into the realm of his or her own success and possibility should take the opportunity to meet and speak with Sonny Rose. Her wisdom is divine. She radiates peace. Her love is abundant.