You have the Power and the Answers

You have everything you need within you to live in joy, balance, and personal fulfillment.

Our programs are designed to teach you a sustainable method to connect to your wisdom, learn how to be open and trust your inner guidance.

Guided Meditation

Cancer opens the door for you to transform your life and learn to live it more fully; with purpose and power. Your Inner Guidance is prompting you to look inside if you are:

  • searching for answers but nothing quite hits the mark
  • living in ways that do not serve you fully
  • Running around trying to find the right pathway to live your life

You have powerful intuition.  You have the power to experience peace in your life and be in the healing beyond cancer!

Programs for:

Newly Diagnosed
Post Treatment
Living with Metastatic Cancer
Young Adults with Cancer
Families and Caregivers

All of our classes include a combination of:

  • A format designed to build and amplify the group energy through guided meditations and personal journaling which will accelerate and deepen an understanding of yourself
  • Group coaching that teaches you effective spiritual and practical skills to create more joy, live with ease, and feel a greater sense of fulfillment in your life
  • Yogic and meditative ways to re-connect to your physical body
  • Visualization techniques for increasing your connection to your inner wisdom
  • Instructive coaching that supports you to take the actions and implement your plan for healing and living fully
  • A wealth of informative resources for health and well-being

Guided Meditation