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Workshop Descriptions

Post Treatment 1

This is a mind/body/spiritual program for men and women who have completed their active treatment. The intention of the workshop is to guide participants in actively exploring and transforming their relationship with themself and their illness. In this way, it goes beyond a typical sharing support group. Each participant will experience an empowered self and have a deeper spiritual connection.

This group is a highly effective 2-day weekend workshop that is gentle and restorative. Participants will learn powerful ways to manage issues associated with the aftermath of cancer and move into a state of empowerment. They will learn how to transform fear based beliefs and patterns into intentions for living in joy and harmony. Gentle movement, guided meditations, and supportive guidance enhance the experience for healing beyond cancer and living more fully.

Post Treatment Level 2

This workshop is open to anyone who has attended The Post Treatment Workshop. Participants are guided and encouraged to take steps on their path to manifest their intentions for living their life purpose. The Workshop offers spirit-based principles, meditations, and practical tools to help you move through your blocks to live with more intention and manifest the life you want. You will have a deeper understanding of how cancer has opened the door for you to live with purpose and clarity. This is a 2-day weekend workshop that will result in joy, peace, and inspiration.

Living with Metastatic Cancer

The focus of this mind/body/spiritual group is to support men and women who are living with metastatic cancer and all the related issues of treatments, changes in relationships, life stressors, fears, pain, and accepting mortality. Participants will learn effective ways of using mindfulness to live in the present, develop a deeper connection to one’s inner guidance, and sustain a state of empowerment. This workshop provides a forum for self-reflection through meditation, journaling, and group support. This weekend 2-day workshop is for those who truly wish to live an authentic life in peace and heal beyond cancer.

Newly Diagnosed

A cancer diagnosis changes everything. This supportive workshop focuses on issues of new diagnosis and treatment including identity changes, shifts in family dynamics, developing coping skills and dealing with side effects. A mind/body/spiritual approach helps you to navigate through the confusion and fears so that you can live with more ease and trust. You will learn energy management techniques, meditations, and practical tools to help you live more fully. This 2-day workshop provides a safe and empowering experience that will support you beyond the journey of cancer.

Young Adults

“I’m too young to have cancer” This workshop is for women and men under the age of 40 who have been diagnosed with cancer. The 2-day workshop focuses on the many physical and psychological challenges young women and men face including: fatigue, body image, fertility, coping with fear of recurrence, sexual intimacy, and managing work and family. Supportive guidance provides better insight and understanding of how negative beliefs hold us in a state of dis-ease. Participants will find ways to balance life through mind/body techniques, journaling, and meditation and to heal beyond cancer.

Families and Caregivers

Family members and caregivers need support too! Caring for loved ones can be both an emotional and demanding experience. The focus of the workshop is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment. The 2-day workshop addresses the many issues related to caregiving including feelings of despair, helplessness, loneliness, overwhelm, anger, and guilt. Family members may feel misplaced or lost in new roles. Participants will learn how to take care of their needs while attending to those suffering with cancer. In this mind/body/workshop, you will learn to use techniques for managing stress and how to employ the use of powerful practical tools that help shift perceptions from negative thoughts to a more positive expansive state of being. A clearer sense of purpose and joy will inspire a renewed energy that not only benefits caregiver and family, but also supports the one with cancer.

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