Upcoming Teleclasses

The next teleclass has not been scheduled yet. If you are interested in our programs, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list.

    Participants frequently comment on how amazed and pleased they are with the depth of support, guidance and rapport which is established even though group members meet via telephone. The counseling style is interactive and engaging. Individual questions are encouraged. Participants will be guided and supported from the comfort of their home during a 6 week process.

    The six week healing program will inspire you on an inner and outer level to:

    • Create solutions for peace, healing, and relaxation.
    • Shift your fears and limiting beliefs by applying concrete tools and strategies
    • Identify the meaning of your life and set strong intentions to experience more peace
    • Experience the vibrational connection from a group of those on the path generating and supporting abundant ways for you to connect to your own healing, vitality, and spiritual guidance
    •  Learn powerful meditation practices which encourage balanced energy of mind and body
    •  Activate a greater sense of empowerment
    •  Develop your ability to trust your Inner Guidance and then implement the steps to heal beyond the cancer

    How It Works

    The Teleclass works like a conference call. Upon registration, the telephone number and PIN will be given. Participants call at the appointed time, entering the PIN number as prompted.

    • Classes are limited in size to ensure direct support
    • A weekly ninety-minute class with plenty of interaction within the group
    • E-mail support
    • You get a mind/body/spirit/ approach to integrate your healing that has helped many people create a life of harmony